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电子游艺娱乐场:It’s time to pay attention to bond funds – a debt-based self-solo

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内容摘要: I am abond fundfull of positive energy. We mainly invest in bonds, including government bonds, financial bonds, corporate bonds,convertible...

I am a bond fund full of positive energy. We mainly invest in bonds, including government bonds, financial bonds, corporate bonds, convertible bonds and their derivatives, and also participate in stock investment to a certain extent. Looking back at the ups and downs of the capital market this year, I will find that I have quietly offered you a steady happiness.


(Source: Oriental Fortune Choice data ,2018.1.1-2018.7.4)

I have three brothers and sisters: pure debt-based gold, debt-based, and two debt-based. We all have advantages, but we all have the same goal - to make money for investors, make money, make money!


Bond Fund Classification and Characteristics

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debt-based type target market portfolio
pure debt funds bond market net debt low risk
debt-based bond market, bond primary market shares + shares low risk
two debt Base Bond market, primary market new shares, secondary market stocks bonds + new shares + selected stocks low risk

I will not tell you about my strengths, you don't know how good I am


Advantage 1: Low risk. By combining the funds of investors to invest in different bonds, bond funds can effectively reduce the risk of investment bonds.


Advantage 2, less restrictions. It can make ordinary investors easily participate in the investment of bank bonds, corporate bonds, convertible bonds and other products. These products have various inconveniences on small funds. The purchase of bond funds can break through this limitation.


Advantage 3, the income is stable. In the downturn of the stock market, the yield of bond funds is still stable and is not affected by market volatility.


Advantage 4, low cost. Since bond investment management is not as complex as stock investment, bond fund management fees are relatively low.


said so much, the key question has come, is it still investing in the debt-based good time machine? Let us look at the agency's point of view:


Haitong Securities : The bond market slow cattle will continue. At present, monetary policy has turned to a neutral one, and the liquidity of the money market will continue to be abundant in the future, but it will never return to the old road of flooding. Correspondingly, we believe that the current interest rate debt bull market will continue, but will still maintain a slow cattle pattern. In addition, before the bank capital, the decline of corporate deposits, and the role of the MLF collateral mechanism, the risk of credit crunch will continue to exist. The allocation of credit bonds still needs to be high-level, and the middle and low levels need to be cautious.


China Merchants Securities : Relative to the stock market, a clearer opportunity in the bond market. Since the beginning, even though the bond market is still some uncertainty even negative factor, but the bond market has been gradually out of the shadow of last year, ten-year bond yields from close to 4% at the beginning of the shock down to close to 3.5% recently. Considering the weak economic fundamentals, loose monetary policy bias to shift from the tight should be a high probability trend in the second half, so interest rates debt is still upside opportunities.


Guoxin Securities : follow-up actions on the central bank's monetary policy will continue while reducing deposit reserve ratio, on the other hand in the case of domestic liquidity and stability of US interest rates may slightly improve the operation of open market operations rate to guide market expectations for a loose monetary policy steady. Therefore, the economic downturn superimposed partial loose monetary policy, we expect domestic interest rate debt will continue to follow the bull market.





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